Walter Meneses, CEO
Dancing After School

"Welcome to Dancing After School's website. We have updated our logo and modified our strategic approach to reach more children and schools in our community by capturing more funds. With your help, we can provide more of the Arts and dance programs in our local schools. Consider making a donation today. Share our vision. Together we can make a difference."
YOU + any amount + 2 Friends Will Keep Our Children Dancing.

Watch our vision in the presentation below.



Our vision is to provide comprehensive programs of the Arts and dance to our children as after school programs for FREE, at no cost to parents and schools.


Our goal for the Fall of 2014 is to raise $300,000. This amount will provide the Arts and dance programs from September to December 2014 to 187 San Diego County Elementary and Middle schools. For 2015, our goal is to raise $500,000, to provide programs to 313 San Diego County Elementary and Middle schools from February to June (Winter) and September to December (Fall).


3 Simple Steps:
  1. WATCH our 3 minute presentation.
  2. DONATE Any amount per month. Then you may recommend a San Diego County Elementary or Middle school to receive Dancing After School Programs in the Arts and dance for FREE.
  3. MOST IMPORTANT - SHARE our VISION with 2 friends or more who will DO THE SAME. Your donation is voluntary; there is NO obligation at any time, and it's tax deductible.


7/17/2014 Cafe-Sevilla: Dancing After School Relaunch

7/17/2014 Cafe-Sevilla: Manny Cepeda Orquestra & Performance by Natasha Silva


  • The number one children’s health concern is child obesity. More than 30% of children are obese, having tripled from 30 years ago.
  • Physical education, art and dance programs are cut from schools due to budget cuts.
  • Juvenile crime increases from 1 pm to 6 pm due to lack of adult supervision.

Benefits of the Arts and Dance

  • Builds self-confidence, increases self-esteem and self-respect
  • Improves physical and mental health, as well as body coordination
  • The arts, dance and music enriches lives through self-expression


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